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An Analysis of Where Your Road Repair Monies Have Gone The Past Years


Supervisor Miller Has Solutions to Pima County's Road Issues
 County Administrator Huckelberry penned an article telling County residents that he has no real solution to fix the roads... but Supervisor Miller does!
It is time to stop pointing the finger and it is time to come up with real prioritization and spending strategies. An increase in gas taxes and a possible half-cent sales tax will only further burden the residents of Pima County.  It is time the entire Board of Supervisors realize the road problem is a symptom of failed leadership, and it is the responsibility of the Board to solve this problem by eliminating special interest funding and focusing on the County's core infrastructure.

County Administrator Huckelberry penned an article telling County residents that he has no real solution to fix the roads... but Supervisor Miller does!

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The Director of the Pima County Health Department, Dr. Francisco Garcia, has now completed his review and assessment of the public health concerns regarding the illegal immigrant situation. My office will continue to reach out to Dr. Garcia and the Arizona Dept, of Health Services to ask questions. His assessment is as follows: 

The unaccompanied minors that are sheltered or in transit through Pima County do not constitute a public health threat to this community. This is based on my understanding of the current screening process; the low number of unaccompanied minors in this jurisdiction today; and an understanding of the function and operation of the local contracted shelter facility with regard to medical care, education and restriction of movement of the minors. At this time, I have insufficient information to fully assess the extent of the potential public health threat posed by the families in transit; however, I believe the risk is low. This assessment is based on the fact that the individuals involved are undergoing screening by trained CBP staff to identify any acute or obvious medical problem, the very low numbers of individuals transiting through the County, and the very transient nature of their stay. This situation remains very much in a state of flux at the national and local levels. The Pima County Health Department continues to monitor the situation very closely in collaboration with federal and state partners. I will inform you immediately should I become aware of information that would lead me to revise this threat assessment. As always, my sole priority and focus is the health and well being of the residents of Pima County. 


**Public Health Concerns Regarding Influx of Illegal Immigrants**

On Monday, July 7th, 2014, I directed my staff to contact the County Health Department, Arizona State Department of Health and the CDC to gather information in regards to public health concerns of infectious disease outbreaks as a result of a large number of illegal immigrants being transported in and out of Southern Arizona.  The County Health Department, as of July 10th, has not provided my office with a plan or guidance but we do know they are working on getting information out to the public.  The CDC sent a response to my office and that can be found here ( link to CDC response).  As I feel we should be doing everything possible to ensure we have accurate information and that the Federal, State and Local Government is prepared if such a health crisis should occur, I have sent a letter to Governor Jan Brewer (Click here to view letter) and will continue to update this site as more information becomes readily available.  If you have questions or comments, please contact my office (520) 724-8097 or email district1@pima.gov .


The growing debt you probably didn't know existed.
Arizona Republic Article 6/6/2014
Most folks are familiar with the soaring national debt, which stands at $17 trillion — about $55,000 per citizen — and has grown on average $2.3 billion per day since 2012. But Arizonans may not be familiar with their state and local debt, about $42.7 billion. That's $6,400 per citizen.

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