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June 12, 2018 @ 9:00 am 
130 W. Congress, Tucson, 85701


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The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on June 12, 2018 to release two important attorney-client privileged documents pertaining to the Canoa Hills Golf Course donation.  These documents shed light on the tax implications and the "change in use" of the golf course, as well as the legality of the County Administrator providing critical information to one Board member while withholding that same information from other Board members.

This action stemmed from Supervisor Miller's request to County Attorney Andrew Flagg seeking an opinion on correspondence she received from a constituent questioning the $100,000 tax penalty that was to be assessed to the owner of the Canoa Hills Golf Course.  Read the 4-part communication exchange here:

Part 1:  Constituent delivers to Supervisor Miller a copy of Administrator Huckelberry's May 7, 2018 memo addressed to County Attorney Flagg regarding Assessor's belief that tax liability for Canoa Hills Golf Course is approximately $100,000.  Read Huckelberry's memo not disclosed to the Supervisors, and Miller's email request to attorney seeking legal opinion.  Huckelberry further states, he would "appreciate if you would convey this message to the Assessor and to request that no tax be levied on the property for the next tax roll ...."  Huckelberry's memo requesting the golf course not be subject to paying taxes was withheld from the Supervisors.

Part 2:  Read County Attorney Flagg's response to Supervisor Miller stating the county plans to convert the property to a different use after it acquires it, but ....

Part 3:  Read Administrator Huckelberry's memo to Supervisors trying to justify why the golf course is exempt from property tax.

Part 4:  Read County Attorney Flagg's response to Supervisor Miller explaining the legality of Administrator Huckelberry to withhold information from Supervisors.  The information withheld includes Huckelberry's memo to Attorney Flagg directing him to inform the Assessor that no tax be levied on the Canoa Hills Golf Course.

Full details on the history of the Canoa Hills Golf Course donation can be found in this website under the link Canoa Hills Golf Course.


Pima County Board of Supervisor Ally Miller stands with Deputy Sheriff Steven West (left) as he receives the National Sheriff's Association Medal of Valor.

In June 2017, Deputy West and his crew rescued a father and four-year old son from raging waters at the Tanque Verde falls.  Watch this amazing video of the rescue.  Hats off to Deputy West and his crew for their valiant search and rescue teamwork!