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Sign the Petition to "Fix Our Roads" and get our HURF and VLT revenues working for us to "Fix the Roads"!  Let's put our road money to work on the roads ... not special interest and crony projects.  That's wasting our precious road money!

Sign the Petition to "FIX OUR ROADS!"

Pima County Gas tax (HURF) and Vehicle License Tax (VLT) revenues are not getting to Pima County roads.  We are now in a desperate situation due to the impact on our home values and any hopes of attracting businesses and families to the county.  This petition has been started to send a message to all members of the Arizona State legislature and Governor Ducey that Pima County taxpayers are demanding reform of the statutes to ensure these funds are used for road repairs and NOT departmental salaries and overhead.

In fiscal year 2017, unincorporated Pima County received $85 million in HURF and VLT revenues.  Of this amount, nearly $42 million is used to fund salaries and overhead for the approximately 300 employees in the Pima County Department of Transportation.  Another $27 million goes directly to the County's General Fund and is NOT used for roads.

Sign the Petition today, post your comment, and share the petition with friends and family.  Let's work to "FIX OUR ROADS" by getting our elected officials to reform the statutes to dedicate these funds for road repair.


Representative Mark Finchem (LD 11) is running House Bill HB2433 to ensure HURF (gas tax) monies are utilized specifically for road repairs.  In addition, State Senator Steve Farley is running Senate Bill SB1025 which calls for Arizona HURF funds to only be spent for the construction or maintenance of transportation infrastructure.