October 17, 2017:  From The Board Room 

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Flashback Video - December 2, 2014 Board of Supervisor meeting where former Supervisor Ray Carroll displayed disrespectful behavior to a county constituent at the Call to the Public.

Constituent Geri Otoboni reminds the Supervisors why Ray Carroll should not be appointed Justice of the Peace:  "Ray has no legal qualifications, a questionable disposition, and is disrespectful .... I'm sure you want to help him acquire more pension."

Meanwhile ... Supervisor Ally Miller was the lone voice of opposition to Carroll's appointment as Justice of the Peace for Precinct 7.  Miller informed the audience:

"Of all the candidates who applied for this position, there is one who I don't believe has the experience, qualifications or the temperament to be appointed to the position of Justice of the Peace....I got to know Ray Carroll during the last four years while sitting on this board.  I witnessed an individual who doesn't deliberate on facts, but based upon who has done the last political favor....this appointment is nothing more than political-pay-to-play."

Yet, amidst constituent concerns describing Carroll's past and well-documented behavior as "sexist, disrespectful, lacking fitness and unqualified for the job," Supervisors Bronson, Elias, Valadez, and Christy voted to approve the appointment.

October 17, 2017 -- In what can only be described as an unprecedented display of questionable decision-making, the Pima County Board of Supervisors voted 4:1 in favor of appointing Ray Carroll as the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 7 (District 4).​  Supervisor Ally Miller was the lone voice of truth opposing the appointment.  Constituents opposing the appointment reminded the Supervisors why Carroll is the least qualified candidate for the job.  

Constituent Lou Sampson speaks directly to Supervisors about Carroll's appointment stating, "It's Pima County, it's about cronyism, not about fitness, talent or merit."  Sampson reminds Supervisors about Carroll's intimidating and childish behavior, often riddled with profanity.  Sampson asks, "Is this the attitude you want in a judge?"

UPDATE:  Read the latest report from the ArizonaMonitor.com about "Ray Carroll gets JP job as consolation prize from Pima Supes."