Date Published 
April 12, 2016
Ally Miller: Pima Supervisors and Administrator Damage the Brand, Not Me
March 28, 2016
Road Money Spent on Roads, Pima County Says
December 1, 2015 
Supervisor questions amount county agreed to pay for land
November 9, 2015 
Supervisors debate county's car take-home policy 
October 20, 2015 
Supervisors approve hand count of select November ballots
October 5, 2015
Supervisors OK spending up to $200k in legal fight with state
September, 15, 2015 
Supervisors approve details of $815 Million Bond Plan
Aug 11, 2015 
Supervisors OK expanding defense, aerospace, tourism jobs
July 9, 2015 
This is Democracy? Retire the 'Finger'
July 6,
Pima Supervisors Appoint Nanos Sheriff
June 15, 2015 
Pima County Approves $1.16 Billion Budget for FY 15/16
June 15, 2015 
$1.16 Billion County Budget has 20-cent property tax increase
May 18, 2015 
County Raises Property Tax Rate, Shelves Library Closure Plans
May 18, 2015 
County Adopts Tentative Budget, Tax Increase Included
May 11, 2015 
County to Spend $1 Million for Midtown Property
May 4, 2015 
Pima County Ok's $22 million in Solar Electric Contracts
May 3, 2015 
Supervisor Wants Ban on Sales, Solicitations from County Medians
April 30, 2015 
Pima County Budget Revealed: Taxes Heading Higher
April 24, 2015 
County Employee Ties to School Raise Questions
April 21, 2015 
$815 Million Bond Plan Goes to Pima County Voters
April 13, 2015 
Silverbell Road Repair Funding Restored
April 11, 2015 
'Fiscal Crisis' has County Reevaluating Roadwork Plans
March 16, 2015 
County Sets Hearings for Budget Inputs
March 9, 2015 
Pima County Sewer Rate Hike Postponed
February 22, 2015 
County Gives Reasons for Bad Roads
February 14, 2015 
Pima Again Considers Not Hiring Any Smokers
February 5, 2015 
Pima Bond Plan Ready, But Timing is Questioned
March 4, 2014 
Miller Asks Horne to Investigate road-Funds Shift by Pima Board
February 24, 2014 
County Road Fund Shifts Affects Smaller Streets
November 20, 2013 
Mission Manor Students Takeoff
October 16, 2013 
Supervisors Approve Contract Over Miller's Objections
October 6, 2013 
Raytheon Tax Dispute No Cause for Alarm
October 2, 2013 
Every Wednesday is Miller Time
September 22, 2013
County Steps Up Fight With Raytheon Over Taxes 
May 22, 2013 
County to Sell Downtown Property

Supervisor Ally Miller in the News

As the newest member to the Board of Supervisors, Supervisor Miller has brought attention to how the current leadership has utilized your tax dollars and the media has certainly noticed a few of her efforts.

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March 30, 2016
Miller Exposes Goldwater Dim View of Pima County's World View Deal
March 28, 2016
 Pima County Financial Woes Deepen
December 1, 2015 
Pima County's Valadez Loses Cool Over Land Deal. 
November 12, 2015 
Pima County Bond Election-Democracy in Action
October 8, 2015 
Pima County Supervisors Do Not Want to Give Up Car Perk
August 17, 2015
Miller Leads Rejection of Huckelberry Sewer Fee Increase
August 12, 2015 
Pima County Supervisors Vote on "Plan for Economic Suicide."
July 17, 2015
Pima County Supervisors Pass Property Tax Increase
July 14, 2015
Pima County Needs to Rethink its Priorities
July 7, 2015
No Surprise, Nanos New Pima County Sheriff
May 20, 2015 
Pima County Supervisors Vote to Raise Taxes
April 22, 2015 
Pima County Sends Bond to Voters
April 21, 2015 
Pima BOS Set to Vote on Bond
February 23, 2015 
Pima County Homelessness Frustration Grows
February 11, 2015 
Miller Questions Pima County Spending Priorities, Calls for Change
February 4, 2015 
Miller Wins Unanimous Support for Pima County Public Budget Hearings
January 31, 2015 
Miller Proposes Pima County Budget Public Study Sessions
January 14, 2015 
Miller Wins Fight to End Spending Spree
December 15, 2014 
Pima County Supervisors Delay Gifting Pulic Money
September 23, 2014 
Steller: Millers Right: Supervisors' Donations Look Bad
September 11, 2014 
Miller Exposes Pima County Supervisors Doling Out Dough
March 4, 2014 
Pima County Needs to Prioritize Spending vs. Passing a New Regressive Gas Tax
February 13, 2014 
Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller Moved Transportation Projects, were Donors Retaliated Against
September 22, 2013 
Pima County HURF Monies Swept Away 
June 21, 2013 
Miller Camp Committed No Campaign Finance Violations