October 20, 2017 -- Miller notes she has concerns over the Sales Tax.  Supervisor Richard Elias has also expressed concerns about the Sales Tax, and how it is an "unnecessary burden to people who can least afford it."  That makes two Supervisors who have serious concerns about a Sales Tax.

Miller's 30-Day Challenge continues to identify how funds are prioritized and spent on projects that could have been appropriated for road repairs.  Miller contends, "Pima County does not have a revenue problem; it's about priorities and spending."  Look for road money in the Challenge!  

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As we start the new fiscal year, we'll be taking a close look at how the County's Tentative Adopted $1,267,072,355 budget will be spent.  Many of you are not able to attend the daytime Board meetings and do not have an opportunity to voice your opinions and concerns, or ask questions about how your tax dollars are spent.  As part of my commitment to the taxpayers, I proposed to the other Supervisors to hold at least one meeting per month in the evening.  All three attempts failed with Supervisors Bronson, Elias and Valadez defeating that recommendation.

This prompted me to bring the boardroom to you -- the taxpayer!  In this section of my website, you'll be able to follow how Board decisions are discussed, negotiated, and ultimately voted on.

I've posted links below and on the left navigation bar to each FOLLOW THE MONEY trail where you can see first-hand videos from the Board Room, have access to documents linked to the money trail, and a contact link where you can submit your questions.  We encourage your participation!  This is your County -- your tax dollars.

Pima County FY 2017/2018 Adopted Budget 


NEWS UPDATE:  October 20, 2017


​October 17, 2017 -- Watch the latest from the Board Room as Supervisors Richard Elias and Ally Miller discuss their opinions about the Sales Tax and road money.  They may not agree on many things, but concerns over passing a Sales Tax is one item they see "eye-to-eye" on!

Supervisor Ally Miller:  "There are a lot of individuals who are living on the brink of losing their homes ... there are a lot of concerns with the Sales Tax."

Supervisor Richard Elias: "This is about taking a tax burden and levying it upon people who can't afford it ... that's not fair."